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Free Digital Art (December 2019)

And it's December! This month's theme is a bit different from the rest of the calendar artwork so far. When I only have a few minutes to spend on something creative, I'll often 'sketch' using geometrical shapes, exploring infinite variations of shapes and relative positioning. As Christmas falls this month, I was inspired by the star of David. Regardless of what your mind chooses to see, I hope this artwork puts you in a festive and cozy mood!

I've included the usual calendar desktop and phone wallpaper but also included a printable Christmas card as well as 8x10'' printables of with and without the "Merry Christmas" text. Scroll to the bottom of the post to access the download links.

Download your free art here: | DESKTOP (Windows) |

| DESKTOP (Apple) |



| PRINTABLE (with "Merry Christmas" text) |

| PRINTABLE (without "Merry Christmas" text) |



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